Department of Electrical Engineering

Function - Mission
     Our mission is to train associate bachelors and secondary professionals in the field of electrical, electronic and information technologies. With over 50 years of tradition, the department has trained and provided thousands of associate bachelors and technicians with strong expertise and good workmanship to meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization of the country. Many generations of students of the department has asserted themselves, holding key positions in agencies, companies, factories etc.

  • Division of Automation
  • Division of Electric Systems
  • Division of Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Division of Information Technology
Instructional staff
     Most of lecturers and teachers of department are at postgraduate level. Many young lecturers are studying for a master’s or doctorate degree in developed countries in the world such as France, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan etc.
     The facilities of the department are invested, upgraded and renewed annually. Modern laboratory and practice equipment are from well-known brands such as Lab-Volt, Lucas-Nulle, Siemens, etc., meeting the requirements of teaching and scientific research.
     The Department has several research at Ministry and UD’s level that have been accepted and transferred. Many annual social and professional activities such as rewarding professional scientific and technological activities, UD-CT’s Robot Creation Contest, Green Summer, etc. have attracted a lot of students’ participation.
     Nguyen The Khang, an alumnus in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Technology 01DT, currently the Chief Representative of Nipon Corporation in Danang stated: “The time in UD-CT is a significant milestone in my life. Fundamental specialized knowledge equipped from the very start is the initial base for me to continually grow and succeed in my career. Besides lecturers’ enthusiasm and concern in teaching, there are certain favourable conditions of the facilities of the school!”